mike shethar

Consultant. Advocate. Host.

I am Mike Shethar. I am a chef, a food consultant, a novice gardener, a traveler and an avid cured pig lover. My work is all things food, and new, delicious adventures are what I am looking for.

I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, at Greystone (in Napa) and since then I have been working in many different aspects of the edible world. My journey has taken me to work as the Chef on a 400-acre organic farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State -- to Colorado to work as a chef Instructor with LiveWell Colorado and Cook for America in the K-12 school system, training staff to cook healthy, happy, scratch food for the kiddos -- and to work as a consultant with companies (Frito-Lay, Schwan's, Del Monte) to develop new product lines, packaging and protocept tangible and tastable ideas.

I am the owner of the now shuttered The Missing Piece Cookery, co-owner of Teaspoon Willies Everything Sauce and author of Go Farm Yourself. I live in Boulder, CO with my wife Corinne and our dog Izzy. We are very happy and well fed.

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