mike shethar

chef. consultant. eater.

I am Mike Shethar. I am a chef, a food consultant, a novice gardener, a traveler and an avid cured pig lover. My work is all things food, and new, delicious adventures are what I am looking for.

I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, at Greystone (in Napa) and since then I have been working in many different aspects of the edible world. My journey has taken me to work as the Chef on a 400-acre organic farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State -- to Colorado to work as a chef Instructor with LiveWell Colorado and Cook for America in the K-12 school system, training staff to cook healthy, happy, scratch food for the kiddos -- and to work as a consultant with companies (Frito-Lay, Schwan's, Del Monte) to develop new product lines, packaging and protocept tangible and tastable ideas.

I am the owner of the now shuttered The Missing Piece Cookery, co-owner of Teaspoon Willies Everything Sauce and author of Go Farm Yourself. I live in Boulder, CO with my wife Corinne and our dog Izzy. We are very happy and well fed.

...for you?

Cooking and eating with people, as well as teaching and learning about food; these are the passions of my life. I strive to be an expert in as many culinary avenues as I can. In those that I am not yet an expert, I aim to be the best student. Working with inventive, progressive and open minded companies and people is an essential component to successful, original work. I am an imaginative, grounded professional that can be a great asset to anyone trying to make a splash in a food world that desperately needs some color and creativity. Food can only be as delicious as the passion in the chef who cooks it. If this sounds awesome and like what you are looking for, I would love to work with you.

Let's cook something up...